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Latino-Focused Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Y Advisory De Negocios Consulting Firm

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We are a company dedicated to helping business people in the Hispanic Business Community negotiate their retail lease, industrial lease, office lease, building purchase, or land purchase from a strength and wealth-building position.

“LATINOS ARE A FORCE. When we harness their power and ignite their leadership, our economy and democracy will thrive.”

Monica Lopez

Founder & CEO, Managing Principal Brokerage

Proud Latina Entrepreneur | Visionary leader | social advocate | community builder

lo que hacemos


Finding a suitable space for your business is critical, and your location and site selection decision will influence real estate market factors and fundamental business goals and drivers. Our Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate services help business people secure the best location for business success to accelerate their financial recovery and help them own their economic power.

The numbers

million hispanic-owned businesses in U.S.


growth last 10 years

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Landlords today employ intelligent, assertive people to represent them. The first step to gaining a competitive advantage is knowing where you stand as a tenant and business owner.

As your commercial real estate expert and advocate, we remain objective and free of conflicts of interest when consulting, advising, or negotiating our clients’ transactions by refusing to accept traditional landlord listings.

our approach

scaled to meet your needs


By only representing tenants and buyers, you do not see our name in front of buildings on a lease sign, as the commercial real estate listing agent represents the landlord and therefore has the contractual right to put a sign on the property. By leveraging our collective intelligence and market research, we’ll identify your current and future commercial real estate needs by assessing financial, environmental, operational, and qualitative criteria.

Flexibile Methodology


We excel at crafting strategies that rapidly identify your goals, problem areas, and opportunities.  LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales does more than just empower Latino entrepreneurs’ innovation. We create lasting partnerships with a future-focused approach to develop consistent, efficient processes, long-term strategies, and services.

Latino entrepreneurs


of U.S. Population by 2050

trillion dollars added to U.S. economy

Our Services

Brokerage COmmercial real estate SOLUTIONS to move your company forward

Gain access to a full suite of tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate solutions, or choose what’s suitable for your organization.

Buyer Representation Services

Our commercial real estate buyers team helps business owners and entrepreneurs, real estate owners, operators, developers, and investors in the Hispanic Business Community throughout the 44 South Texas Counties. Seeking to buy a building for a business, land for development, or who need guidance in purchasing an investment property with tenants.

Retail Tenant Representation

We advise new-to-market retail tenants in their search for suitable business locations and current tenants considering a renewal, an expansion, or a move to a new retail center.

Industrial Tenant Representation

We advise warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing industrial tenants to find ideal locations for their businesses and maximize lease concessions.

Special-Use Tenant Representation

We advise tenants and buyers for special purpose use to find ideal locations for their businesses – hotel, healthcare, self-storage, churches, day care centers, storage yards.

Office Tenant Representation

We advise office tenants to consider renewing a lease, seeking additional space, or considering a move to a new location.

Single Tenant Property Investments

We provide services for clients seeking to invest in single-tenant properties for 1031 exchanges and straight investments. Our clients seek triple net lease investments in freestanding buildings leased to credit-worthy tenants.

our approach

attaining your new future state

Today and every day, we work to transform the Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate landscape continuously.

We pride ourselves on providing the Hispanic Business Community, tenants, buyers, and business owners with the highest quality representation in San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, and 44 South Texas counties to build a more inclusive commercial real estate economy in Texas.

nuestra voz


Because our market conditions have changed over pre-pandemic times, it is crucial that you have a voice in determining your business’s future.  As the second most expensive cost in running your business, next to payroll, your lease rents should represent your business model and your financial needs, not that of the Landlord. You should not compromise because of a lack of representation.

Establishing a level playing field for the Hispanic Business Community with proper tenant representation and buyer representation, including proposals and lease negotiations, will provide that voice and protect you, your business model, and your financial needs now and into the future.

unique problem solving

Optimization & Growth

As your commercial tenant or buyer advocate, we act as your virtual real estate team. We advise you through all phases of the transaction process while giving you the tools to make the best decisions for your business.


We research all available properties and identify those that are most appropriate for your business needs.


We help you to achieve the most leverage when negotiating your lease.


We make sure you go into the process to comprehend the current market and your options thoroughly.

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Find the perfect space. In the market to lease or purchase a commercial property? Contact us to connect with an experienced commercial real estate advisor who will represent your interests, will work to negotiate your very best deal, and can help you achieve your business goals. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to determine if our tenant representation services, buyer representation solutions, business advisory services, or project services are right for you!



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