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Should I hire someone to write my business plan?

If you are a good writer, you can hire a consultant to guide and advise you but do most of the writing yourself. In this case, you should consider hiring a consultant to guide you through the business planning process and maybe even write the entire business plan.

¿Debo contratar a alguien para escriber mi plan de negocios?

Si eres un buen escritor, puedes contratar a un consultor para que te guíe y te aconseje, pero haz la mayor parte de la escritura tú mismo. En este caso, debe considerar contratar a un consultor para que lo guíe a través del proceso de planificación comercial y tal vez incluso escriba el plan comercial completo.

What are commercial real estate tenant and buyer representation experts?

We exclusively represent tenants and buyers of commercial real estate. Our only fiduciary duty is to the Latino-owned business community; therefore, we avoid conflicts of interest by not representing the landlord.

¿Qué son los expertos en representación de inquilinos y compradores de bienes raíces comerciales?

Representamos exclusivamente a inquilinos y compradores de bienes raíces comerciales. Nuestro único deber fiduciario es con los dueños de negocios de la Comunidad Empresarial Latina; por lo tanto, evitamos conflictos de intereses al no representar al arrendador.

What is the cost of hiring a tenant or buyer representation commercial real estate broker?

No cost to you. Tenant representation broker real estate fees, or commissions, are most commonly paid by the building owner who is leasing or selling the building. The owner typically pays a commission to their property listing broker and the tenant representation broker who presents them with a tenant.

Why should I hire a commercial real estate agent to negotiate a lease?

You are a business owner. Negotiating your lease is a waste of your and your company’s productivity. Engage an expert to negotiate your real estate needs for your business – and let your landlord pay the fee. Utilizing our tenant and buyer representation services lets you focus on your business, your team, and your bottom line. Leave the frustrating task of renewing your lease, expanding your practice, or finding your next property location to a group of commercial real estate professionals.

What are the benefits of working with a tenant or buyer representation commercial real estate broker?

A commercial real estate broker specializing in tenant representation works exclusively with business owners, tenants, or buyers looking to lease or buy space, and they do not represent building owners. A commercial real estate broker representing landlords and tenants can create a ‘dual agency’ circumstance where the broker is fiduciarily responsible to both the landlord and tenant in the same transaction. In a case like this, the commercial real estate broker cannot look out solely for the business owner (the tenant) or the landlord’s best interests. Consulting with your commercial real estate professional is always wise as opposed to negotiating directly with a building owner or the commercial real estate broker posted on the For Lease sign. Keep in mind that while the broker may be a friendly party, neither the building owner nor the landlord’s commercial real estate broker is not there to serve your best needs but rather the landlord only.

¿Tiene algún costo contratar a un corredor de representación de inquilinos?

Sin costo para usted. Los propietarios nos pagan una tarifa predeterminada si tiene representación profesional o no.

¿Por qué debo contratar a un agente inmobiliario comercial para negociar un contrato de arrendamiento?

Eres dueño de un negocio. Negociar su contrato de arrendamiento es un desperdicio de su productividad y la de su empresa.  Contrate a un experto para que negocie sus necesidades inmobiliarias para su negocio y deje que el propietario pague la tarifa. Al utilizar nuestros servicios de representación de inquilinos y compradores, podrá concentrarse en su negocio, su equipo y sus resultados. Deje la frustrante tarea de renovar su contrato de arrendamiento, expandir su práctica o encontrar la ubicación de su próxima propiedad a un equipo de profesionales de bienes raíces comerciales.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de trabajar con un agente inmobiliario comercial que represente a inquilinos o compradores?

Un agente de bienes raíces comerciales que se especializa en la representación de inquilinos trabaja exclusivamente con dueños de negocios, inquilinos o compradores que buscan arrendar o comprar un espacio, y no representan a los propietarios de edificios.

Un agente inmobiliario comercial que representa a propietarios e inquilinos puede crear una circunstancia de “agencia dual” en la que el corredor es fiduciariamente responsable tanto ante el propietario como ante el inquilino en la misma transacción. En un caso como este, el agente de bienes raíces comerciales no puede velar únicamente por el propietario del negocio (el inquilino) o los mejores intereses del propietario.

Siempre es aconsejable consultar con su profesional de bienes raíces comerciales en lugar de negociar directamente con el propietario de un edificio o el agente de bienes raíces comerciales publicado en el cartel de alquiler. Tenga en cuenta que si bien el corredor puede ser una parte amistosa, ni el propietario del edificio ni el corredor de bienes raíces comerciales del propietario no están allí para satisfacer sus mejores necesidades, sino solo para el propietario.


about our services

buyer representation services

Our commercial real estate buyers team helps business owners and entrepreneurs, real estate owners, operators, developers, and investors in the Hispanic Business Community throughout the 44 South Texas Counties. Seeking to buy a building for a business, land for development, or who need guidance in purchasing an investment property with tenants.

retail tenant representation

We advise new-to-market retail tenants in their search for suitable business locations and current tenants considering a renewal, an expansion, or a move to a new retail center.

Industrial tenant representation services

We advise warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing industrial tenants to find ideal locations for their businesses and maximize lease concessions.


We advise tenants and buyers for special purpose use to find ideal locations for their businesses – hotel, healthcare, self-storage, churches, day care centers, storage yards.


We advise office tenants to consider renewing a lease, seeking additional space, or considering a move to a new location.


We provide services for clients seeking to invest in single-tenant properties for 1031 exchanges and straight investments. Our clients seek triple net lease investments in freestanding buildings leased to credit-worthy tenants.


As a business owner, you may need guidance with challenging business decisions in which real estate plays a significant part. We provide strategy development to assist Latino-owned businesses in understanding how commercial real estate affects the outcome and impact of these decisions on their business.


Commercial real estate tenant and buyer projects are complex. Without the right expertise, management, and processes in place, many things can go wrong. Missing deadlines or exceeding budgets is not just an issue for the project team; it’s disruptive to your business and profits.


We offer sound planning and business advising services to Latino-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and people in the Hispanic business community wanting to start their own business.


Our brokerage firm’s project management & construction development consulting platform provides seamless integration for clients who purchase land for ground-up development or a build-to-suit project from special-use facilities to retail to mixed-use properties to industrial.

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