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Latino-Focused Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Y Advisory De Negocios Consulting Firm

Our Business Is To Grow Your Business


A company that offers clarity in a disruptive, ever-evolving world equips the Latino Business Community with the insights and tools needed to succeed today and in the future.

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Let’s build a plan that works for YOU

Businesses go through recognizable life stages, each with its own set of demands on the organization. Considering what happens in each phase is critical for your company’s evolution.

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Streamline the commercial real estate function, optimize upward mobility, and elevate Latino-owned business leadership activities to cultivate business growth.

Latino-owned Business
CRE Evolution

The Latino-owned Business CRE Evolution™ framework was created by our firm to help organizations focus their time and energy on the areas that drive strategic value.  Each of these core areas of responsibility requires a specific plan that includes goals, expected outcomes and required resources.

Our firm’s perspective can help Latino-owned business leaders streamline their operations to achieve better commercial real estate CRE processes in less time to help overcome real estate finance business challenges.


Redefine how business is conducted

The marketplace demands change. We understand that better than anyone.  We continually look inward and measure and challenge our methodologies and approaches to ensure we genuinely find the best ways to solve problems in the diverse Latino-owned markets we serve.

We are a regional leader in the Latino-focused commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services space to support The Hispanic Business Community, Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Hispanic Businesses, and Hispanics in Business and Hispanic-owned Small Businesses.

building the future

We are in a perpetual state of listening and have the expertise and ability to respond and create unique offerings that can propel Latino-owned businesses. That drive comes from our dedication to consistently delivering value to our clients. We do not rest on the tried and true; we create new or reinvent the old to define standards that others follow. We don’t look back as much as we look forward, so you can always rely on us to help bring you the best and newest ways to anticipate marketplace disruption, find new ways of doing business, or predict what exists beyond the horizon.

A Message From Our Founder

“To survive, we must constantly find ways to challenge conventional views and drive innovation; it’s the basis of our purpose.”

Monica Lopez

Founder & CEO, Managing Principal Brokerage

Proud Latina Entrepreneur | Visionary leader | social advocate | community builder

innovative problem solving


We are a team of a diverse group of people who share a common vision of our firm’s purpose. To be the most innovative and entrepreneurial Latino-focused commercial real estate and advisory consulting firm that exceeds expectations and positively impacts the lives of our clients – the Latino Hispanic Business Community, our Communities, and our People.

We partner with Hispanic-owned businesses and business leaders, solopreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, helping them incorporate a holistic lease strategy in their growth plans.

company & people


Our purpose, core values, and cultura shape everything we do and reflect how we act with each other and our clients. Our people are fiercely committed to maintaining the Latino-focused entrepreneurial culture that continues to create opportunities for our clients to go further faster.

La Cultura is more than free snacks in the breakroom; it’s about our people’s interaction with one another, how we represent ourselves with our clients, and how we make positive contributions to our communities. Ultimately, our values set us apart from others in our space, and what attracts that specialized mindset we seek to our firm.

Our Services

Brokerage Real Estate Solutions

We are exclusive, tenant and buyer representatives curated for the Hispanic Business Community. Our commercial real estate experts make it their business to understand your business, match the best properties, and advocate to negotiate terms with your business needs. We help business owners and entrepreneurs, real estate owners, operators, developers, and investors in the Hispanic Business Community throughout the 44 South Texas Counties.

Brokerage Advisory Solutions

Our brokerage advisory business offers a unique consulting service pairing that includes strategy development, market studies, due diligence, small business planning, and other customized consulting services. This combination of curated services will support our ability to transform the Latino-owned business needs into solutions that grow with your business.

Brokerage Project Services & Construction Management Solutions

Our company’s brokerage project management and construction development consulting platform provides seamless integration for clients who purchase land for ground-up development or a build-to-suit project from special-use facilities to retail to mixed-use properties to industrial.

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