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“Today I chose courage over comfort”


Monica Lopez – My Story

Monica Lopez is a proud Latina serial entrepreneur, futuristic visionary leader, learner, community builder, and business executive paving the way as the pioneer in South Texas of the first and only Latina Hispanic Woman-owned tenant and buyer commercial real estate brokerage and advisory consulting firm serving Latino-owned businesses and the Hispanic Business Community.

Monica is a commercial real estate broker, tenant representative, buyer representative, and business development consultant serving Latino-owned businesses, Latino business owners and entrepreneurs, CEOs, visionaries, and the Hispanic business community that is frustrated with needing proper representation and negotiating power. Monica is responsible for leasing strategy and business development advising services. On a mission to boost their profits, save time, and improve their socioeconomic power, she focuses on making commercial real estate matters relatable and straightforward to understand and creating a more inclusive economy in South Texas

Monica is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Principal at LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales, where she oversees firm-wide growth and brings innovation to every part of the company’s infrastructure. She creates and delivers value and drives successful outcomes for underrepresented Latino-owned businesses while developing short- and long-term plans, strategic partnerships, new solutions and services, and tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate business strategy and integration. 

As a self-described serial entrepreneur, Monica brings her extensive technical expertise and industry experience in entrepreneurship and strategic business development, corporate strategy, service, and operations management. She has spent the last two years on website development and creating the company’s website and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing to pioneer economic growth for emerging industries and advocacy for commercial real estate inclusion, including the Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate industry in South Texas.

Monica has developed a deep understanding of the importance of having diversity in commercial real estate. It is vital to reach out to those small groups, to all our corners, to reach out to all types of people, Negocios de Propiedad Latino y Latina, Nuestra Gente that have not seen people who look like them or speak their language doing commercial real estate and representing their best interest. As a Latina Hispanic woman, Monica quickly learned the need to fill a void in commercial real estate inclusion and the areas where we continue to see a lack of progress, especially for Latina women leaders in commercial real estate. She believes our voice and our work need to be seen and needs to be heard. We deserve to spread our knowledge, educate, and advocate the importance of wealth-building through commercial real estate to minority small business owners that look like us, and speak like us.

Monica holds a Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida International University and is a proud alumnus of St. Mary’s University. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma yellow belt and a CCIM 2023 candidate. Monica was selected for the 2022-2023 LEADSouth inaugural leadership class with South Texas Business Partnership. She is an alumnus of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Cohort 5 Latina Leadership Institution program, which enhanced her desire to serve as a Latina leader in the public sector. As a result of this LLI experience, she holds a seat for the 2022 Commercial Federal Policy Committee, Member: At- Large, with the National Association of REALTORS®.

Monica is a native of San Antonio’s Westside of District 7 and attended Holmes High School in the district.  As a proud daughter of immigrants, she has developed a unique perspective on the key to success in any venture one sets their mind to creating. Influenced by passion and diligence, two traits that most reflect her as a minority business owner and Latina community leader, she enjoys embracing the lessons learned from failure, standing up, and continuing to grow.


“Las ideas no duran mucho. Hay que hacer algo con ellas.”

Q & A

As CEO, What is your biggest focus?

Positioning LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales for a future where we continue to be the most innovative and entrepreneurial Latino-focused commercial real estate and advisory consulting firm that makes a positive impact on the lives of our clients, the Hispanic business community, Latino business owners, our people, and our communities. As we grow and embrace change across our Latino-focused business, we must preserve our culture, nuestra cultura, that is truly unique and a differentiator and remain a change agent and leader in our industry. We must continue to attract and develop the best, most talented professionals, who are passionate about a future with unlimited new opportunities. This requires us to think big, challenge the status quo and look for ways that we can continually transform our business to enhance the value we deliver to the clients we serve in the Hispanic business community.

The accelerating pace of change is impacting all organizations. How do you see the company progressing in the future?

Our goal is clear: to be our clients’ most valued and trusted partner in an uncertain and changing world. We must have an unwaveringly client-driven approach to our business to accomplish this. We don’t pursue profits; we pursue purpose. We built the company on a culture of quality over quantity because the strength of our client relationships will determine the strength of our firm; this is our North Star. Creating value and successful outcomes for our clients is the most critical measure of our success. We must be entrepreneurial to enhance our value and keep pace with change. This means pursuing new opportunities for Latino business owners and the Hispanic business community without fear of setbacks.  Innovation is vital, especially as it relates to investing in and harnessing the value of technology, and this is the embodiment of our commitment to continuous improvement. We must also continue our strong focus on collaboration to provide Latino entrepreneurs, Hispanics in business, and Hispanic businesses with the resources, expertise, and support to help them succeed.

You have a diverse background. What strengths does your experience add for the firm?

I’ve spent considerable time in professional services and have been a technology entrepreneur. This has positioned me well for the opportunities we face as a firm and an industry. We live in a world where technology has become an incredible change agent. While many in our industry fear that their businesses are being disrupted, my experience has taught me that this is a fantastic opportunity to embrace change and adapt our Latino-focused business model to increase our relevance and value proposition.

The processes that will drive our future success will build on, but in many cases, be different than, the things that caused our past success. Our core tenant and buyer commercial real estate brokerage services are an excellent foundation for our business. Still, we have positioned ourselves today as the Hispanic business community’s go-to partner for a broader range of issues related to leasing commercial real estate, buying commercial real estate, advisory services, business development, and technology transformation. It will be an exciting and natural progress of our Latino-focused and problem-solving approach. We are incredibly fortunate to have the trust of our clients, the Hispanic business community, and relationships that position us to work with them on the new challenges and opportunities in this fast-paced, changing world.

What are some of your guiding philosophies?

My life and business philosophies are grounded in the belief that you can accomplish anything in life you genuinely aspire to do. Pursue your intentions, follow your rules, and create credibility for yourself; to do this, you have to remain disciplined. I am a huge believer in positive energy and love being around positive people with a “can do” attitude. When you assemble yourself amongst a team of wickedly intelligent, positive people who focus their collective energy on achieving a common goal, magical things can happen.