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Latino-Focused Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Y Advisory De Negocios Consulting Firm

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LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales builds on a solid foundation based on a sense of purpose, partner focus, and a commitment to pioneering Latino-focused commercial real estate solutions through inventive design.


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LA CHISPITA Bienes Raíces Comerciales

LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales is one of the first and the only Latina Woman-owned independent Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate brokerage and advisory consulting firms in Texas.

We are a regional leader in the Latino-focused commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services space to support the Hispanic Business Community, Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Hispanic Businesses, and Hispanics in Business and Hispanic-owned Small Businesses.

Our commercial real estate brokerage consulting firm wants to stand apart in the marketplace. We are dedicated as an organization to innovation, creative thinking, and delivering value for our business partners and all those in the Hispanic Business Community.

Working with us means that our success depends on yours, both now and in the future.

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LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales, headquartered in San Antonio, TX, is a Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate and advisory consulting firm. We support the real estate and business advisory needs of Latino-owned businesses in our Hispanic Business Community, such as guiding them through leasing or buying suitable space for their business location.

Our brokerage advisory solutions business helps our clients transform their businesses with solutions such as strategy development, location analysis, financial analysis, small business development services, business planning, financial models, project management, and construction development solutions powered by cutting-edge technology.

what makes us different


We are adding value to the Latino-owned business community. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly looking at adding new ways and specialized expertise to help us advance your company, entrepreneurs, and the Hispanic business community.


Fact: Over the past 10 years, Hispanic entrepreneurs have continued to start small businesses at a faster rate of 44%, compared to 4% of their non-Hispanic counterparts.


Fact: Latina entrepreneurs represent nearly 50% of all Latino businesses. Which account for almost 2 million of all small businesses in the United States. They also create businesses at a rate 6 times faster than other groups in the U.S.

Not only that, Latina entrepreneurs also create businesses at a rate 6 times faster than other groups in the U.S.

A Message From Our Founder

“We are creating a space to celebrate Latino business culture and excellence in entrepreneurship. ¡Lo que nos mueve es la pasión por lo que hacemos!

Monica Lopez

Founder & CEO, Managing Principal Brokerage

Proud Latina Entrepreneur | Visionary leader | social advocate | community builder

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LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales’ offices are located in the South-Central region and the deep South Texas region of Texas. We have commercial real estate consultants on the ground at key locations with the ability to provide the Latino Hispanic Business Community tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate services and advisory consulting services in 44 South Texas counties.

growth strategy

With our firm’s fierce commitment and growth strategy, the company anchor’s around never being satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly looking to add new service lines, technology solutions, and specialized expertise to help us advance our client’s Latino-owned business goals. We measure our success by how well our clients are doing.

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Women's Initiatives

LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales has determined to recognize and support Latina women in more leadership roles in the commercial real estate industry, in our firm, and in our community. We will create opportunities that encourage women to advance in their commercial real estate careers and consider partnership as a career goal.


As a commercial real estate brokerage firm, we are bound by ethical business practices. It is a core responsibility of all commercial real estate brokers, real estate agents, employees, and contractors to conduct business openly, honestly, and ethically and follow the company’s code of ethics in all their business practices.


From the beginning, LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales will embody a robust culture of giving back and supporting charitable organizations with donations of money and volunteerism. The SOMOS CHISPITA FOR GROWTH FOUNDATION™ mission is to assist charitable organizations that positively impact the lives of people in our Latino-focused communities.

solving for your need


At LA CHISPITA™ Bienes Raíces Comerciales, we commit to standards of excellence in Latino-focused tenant and buyer representation commercial real estate and advisory services.



We utilize an agile platform, ARGUS ENTERPRISE, a financial model analysis tool for projecting cash flows, returns, and valuations and analyzing market-oriented scenarios in real-time.



We don’t pursue profits; we pursue purpose. We built the company on a culture of quality over quantity. We have fostered a non-competitive system where the clients’ needs come first, providing them with the resources, expertise, and support to help them succeed.



We dedicate ourselves to educating, collaborating, and advocating as an organization to build a community of individuals, businesses, government officials, and organizations to support the growth and development of the Latino Hispanic Business Community.



By using a personal, consultative approach with each client, we take time to understand the objectives and motivations of everyone involved in the real estate venture. We guide to achieve long-term growth of the real estate assets and optimal returns for the business owner in the Hispanic Business Community.

solving for your need

ensuring optimum performance

Having the best possible solutions to accelerate growth and stay competitive and relevant becomes your advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

We help organizations in the Hispanic Business Community manage business evolution or disruption, offering clarity and tools to help your success today and in the future.



Our core values shape everything we do and reflect how we act with each other and our clients.



We are a team of a diverse group of people who share a common vision of our firm’s purpose. To be the most innovative and entrepreneurial Latino-focused commercial real estate and advisory consulting firm that exceeds expectations and positively impacts the lives of our clients – the Latino Hispanic Business Community, our Communities, and our People.


Of Our People

Is Our


Our people are fiercely committed to maintaining the Latino-focused entrepreneurial culture that continues to create opportunities for our clients to go further faster.

La Cultura is more than free snacks in the breakroom; it is about our people’s interaction with one another, how we represent ourselves with our clients, and how we make positive contributions to our communities. Ultimately, our values set us apart from others in our space, and what attracts that specialized mindset we seek to our firm.


life inside our office

We’ve created a unique work environment where your passions, work, family and friends can overlap. We want to help you achieve growth by giving you access to a network of smart and supportive people, willing to listen to your ideas.

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