Reasons To Hire A Tenant Representation Commercial Real Estate Broker

Written by Monica Lopez


No cost to you: landlords pay a pre-determined fee if you have professional representation or not.


We are 100% tenant representatives, Latino-focused for the Hispanic Business Community: unbiased and non-conflicted. A broker who never represents the landlord’s listings is fully dedicated to you – the Latino-owned business owners.


It saves you time: and a lot of it. Use your time running your business. You’re a business owner. Negotiating your commercial real estate lease wastes your and your team’s productivity. Engage an expert to negotiate your commercial real estate needs – and let your landlord pay the commission fee. You can focus on your business, your passion, and your bottom line by utilizing our brokerage real estate y advisory services at no cost.  Assign the task of renewing your lease, expanding your practice, or finding your next retail or office location to a seasoned team of commercial real estate professionals.


Cut your costs: by lowering your rent and achieving other lease concessions.


Find the perfect space for your negocio: you can only find the best possible space by seeing everything available; we have the tools, resources, and technology to do this.


Have an expert in your corner with extensive commercial real estate market knowledge and experience.


Creates competition: provide leverage in your negotiations against your landlord. We speak your language, be your voice, represent your interests, and advocate to negotiate the best deal. You should not compromise because of a lack of representation.


Simplify the commercial real estate leasing and commercial real estate buying process: have a commercial real estate professional advocate for you,  protecting your best interests.

Establishing a level playing field for the Latino Hispanic Business Community with proper tenant representation and buyer representation, including proposals and lease negotiations, will provide esa voz and protect you, your business model, and your financial needs now and into the future.

We are an exclusive tenant and buyer representative brokerage firm curated for the Hispanic Business Community.

Our commercial real estate experts make it their business to understand your business, match the best properties, and advocate to negotiate terms with your business needs. We help business owners and entrepreneurs, real estate owners, operators, developers, and investors in the Hispanic Business Community throughout the 44 South Texas counties.

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